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Portugal offers a certain “ way of life” that many other countries have forgotten.

With a powerful identity, the country has a democratic parliamentary system, a strong political stability which makes it one of the safest country in the world.

An advantageous tax system, a excellent heath organization with great therapeutic innovations, and a booming capital city make Portugal the new Eldorado for those who wish a different life in a full of promises and dynamic country.

Mild winters, dry and warm summers, beautiful landscapes from North to South and South to North, will make you want to travel and explore the entire country.

Sports addicts are not forgotten. With golf courses, horse riding, surfing and all terrestrial and nautical activities that Portugal offers, everyone will find a good reason to keep fit.

For those who do not consider discovering a country without learning about its history, architecture  and art, will be fulfilled by Portugal’s treasures  .

Leisure in Portugal
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